27 December 2022 / Article
Central Partnership International enters exclusive agreement with Four Star Films

Starting January 1, 2023, film distributor Four Star Films will begin distributing Central Partnership International content across the Middle East under an exclusive two-year contract with automatic renewal.


Under this exclusive agreement, Four Star Films will distribute Central Partnership International titles with the highest box office potential in the region. In addition to theatrical releases, Four Star Films has the option to manage other types of distribution rights. Content will be dubbed in English and demonstrated with localised subtitles. Four Star Films was established in 1961 in the Middle East region and has widely and consistently grown. They are the theatrical film distributor for Universal Pictures and Paramount Pictures in various Middle East territories, also handle Warner Bros. films in Cyprus and are constantly expanding into new markets.

Commenting on the agreement, Elias Antypas, President of Four Star Films, said: “We are very excited about recently signing with Central Partnership International, a trailblazing & powerhouse production company with an established track record of producing quality films in Russia, where they are a market leader. We are very eager for this collaboration and the opportunity to promote Central Partnership’s films to our Middle East audiences and cinemas.”

Vadim Vereshchagin, CEO of Central Partnership, added: “The Middle East is one of the most attractive markets for film distribution in the near term. We strive to produce and release titles with high box office potential, designed for mass audiences, which are exactly the kind of films that are in demand in the Middle East. Four Star Films is the leading distributor in the region, and we are very excited to start our collaboration which will involve developing marketing strategies for each title. I am certain that this approach, based on a wealth of shared experience and unique expertise, will result in wide and highly effective movie releases throughout the Middle East.”

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