Release date:
Oct 24th, 2019
Directed by:
Klim Shipenko (Son Of A Rich, Salyut 7)
Produced by:
Rafael Minasbekyan (Furious, Frontier), Vadim Vereschagin (Billion, Son of a Rich), Eduard Iloyan (The Last Warrio)
About the film

The story centres around 27-year old Ilya Goryunov who, for his entire time in prison, has dreamt of confronting young drug squad officer Pyotr Khazin: the reason he is behind bars. Long counting on his mother, girlfriend and best mate waiting for him at home, on release Ilya finds the old life he had been yearning for is gone, for good. During his much-anticipated encounter with Pyotr, Ilya behaves rashly and gains access to his adversary’s smartphone and, with it, his whole life: photos, videos, the messages to and from his parents and his girlfriend Nina, and to strange conversations with his fellow officers, loaded with threats and insinuation. For a time, everyone thinks Ilya is Pyotr: all because of the text on a phone.

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