Ostap Bender Trilogy
Release date:
Jul 15th, 2021
Directed by:
Igor Zaytsev
Produced by:
Aleksander Tsekalo, Ivan Samokhvalov
About the film

Ostap Bender. The Beginning

Russian Empire, 1919. By a twist of fate, young idealist Osip Zadunaisky meets an infamous con artist and self-proclaimed Turkish subject Ibrahim Bender. A man of pure thought and aristocratic upbringing, Osip would never have associated with a cunning and unscrupulous swindler, but Bender comes up with an offer Osip cannot refuse. A precious royal relic, a diamond-encrusted golden scepter is hidden somewhere in town; Bender needs a partner on his mission to find it, and offers Osip a share of the profit from selling the treasure.

And so begins their joint venture, wrought with comical and dangerous twists and turns, where they have to outsmart and outmaneuver officers of the White Guard as well as the local mafia, who also have their eyes on the scepter. As their quest unfolds, Osip is compelled to learn Bender’s tricks of the trade: charming flattery, delicate deception, soft intimidation... as well as brute force. Osip keeps his new endeavors secret: he is in love with a young woman of high morals and immaculate reputation, while unconvincingly resisting the charms of another woman, an exotic foreign-born vixen.

This is the story of Osip’s amazing transformation into a future legend, the “great schemer” and womanizer we know today as Ostap Bender-Zadunaisky.

Ostap Bender. The Empire's Gold

The hunt for imperial gold continues. A priceless scepter, a treasure that could secure a worry-free life in sunny Rio de Janeiro for Ibrahim Bender and his young apprentice Ostap, has slipped from under their noses and ended up in possession of Nestor Makhno, an anarchist army commander. Makhno is convinced that the scepter is one of many imperial relics hidden in the area. With mafia, partisans, and officers of the Red and White armies all determined to get their hands on the fabled gold cache, Ostap and his mentor Ibrahim must surpass their own brilliance to outmaneuver their rivals and snatch the prize. And with Ostap’s beloved fair maiden losing her trust in him, he must do everything in his power to win her back and stop her from marrying another man.

Ostap Bender. The Ultimate Gamble

1919, Solnechnomorsk. Talented adventurers have become too unexpected: now they are wanted by the Russian and Turkish police. They go to the south of Russia to take possession of the golden scepter of Count Rumyantsev. In pursuit of a precious little thing, terrorists, circus performers and even participating ladies can dress up as them. Meanwhile, Ostap’s mother is approaching the paws of the gloomy Satanist Crowley, in whose treasury, by a mysterious coincidence, there is also a scepter ...

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