100 minutes
Release date:
Sep 23rd, 2021
Directed by:
Gleb Panfilov (The First Circle, Tema, Vassa)
Produced by:
Maksim Panfilov, Anton Zlatopolsky (Three Seconds, T-34), Irina Savina
About the film

A film by Gleb Panfilov, a laureate of Locarno, Berlinale, Venice, Cannes. 

Official selection of Locarno 2021. 

Boccalino d'Oro 2021 in Locarno for a leading actor.

After the military captivity in Germany Russian soldier Ivan Shukhov is declared a traitor to the state under Soviet law and sentenced to ten years of forced labor in a Gulag as Prisoner S-854 . Amidst the harsh snowy wilderness, Ivan and other prisoners are building a massive factory for the Soviet space program. Amazingly, despite all the injustice, hunger, humiliation and fear inherent to daily life in the labor camp, Ivan manages to maintain his best human qualities. Hard-working, honest and sincere, he possesses simple folk wisdom and unshakeable faith in miracles even after having to learn to survive on the brink of death. 

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