The Everlasting Story
Adventure, Animation, Fantasy
Release date:
Oct 28th, 2021
Directed by:
Andrey Kolpin
Produced by:
Robert Gndolyan, Tatiana Tsyvareva, Anton Smetankin
About the film

A gripping story about the fascinating adventures of a young warrior, Koshchey, in a magical, fantasy world. Our hero ventures to the capital city of the kingdom in search of a ruthless monster – White Shadow. Many years ago, Koshchey swore to avenge his loved ones, who all perished at the hands of White Shadow. In the Capital, Koshchey meets a young sorceress – Circus May. As fate willed it, they end up in the wild lands, where they battle through a series of adventures, overcome numerous trials, save the world and prove that true love is eternal. 

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