Comedy, Drama
Release date:
April 28th, 2024
Directed by:
Ilya Malanin
Produced by:
Vadim Vereschagin , Petr Anurov
About the film

Based on real events.


Eight-year-old Nikolai suffers from a congenital illness that leaves him unable to walk or speak. His doctors and even his own mother, Tatyana, have given up hope of treating his ailment. When Tatyana’s new friend Yuri tries using his own physiotherapy techniques to treat Nikolai, he discovers that Nikolai has a gift for music and teaches him to play the piano.


With every note he learns and every melody he masters, Nikolai’s condition improves. He not only gains mobility, he also becomes an outstanding musician. Nikolai and Yuri travel to China together to take part in a piano competition, with a view to taking the grand prize.


This is a humor-packed story about the healing power of music and fatherly love.

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