The Last Ronin
Adventure, Fantasy, Action
Release date:
December 26th, 2024
Directed by:
Max Shishkin
Produced by:
Vadim Vereshchagin, Vladimir Maslov (Friday), Sergey Shishkin, Elmira Dmitrievskaya
About the film

(Not) distant future. As a result of climate change, which led to a global nuclear war, civilization is practically destroyed: lands are scorched, cities are destroyed. The equipment does not work; gasoline has long lost its properties. The main currency in this world is two cartridges: 9mm and 7.62 from the AK-47.


Haunted by the ghosts of the past, lone traveler Ronin wanders the postapocalyptic wastelands in search of his father's killer. Over the years, he has been creating a map of the lawless world inhabited by tough survivors. Everywhere he goes, he encounters blood-thirsty head hunters and rogue gangs. One day Ronin meets a wayward teenage girl Maria who offers him a precious bounty for escorting her to her birthplace.

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